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Month of March just passed in madness… the madness of studies and all.

Though i didn’t write a single post in march..i read a lot …. sometimes you just  feel like reading  what people are writing about…. so anyways…i am here again. 🙂

I never though i would say this…BUT… i hate going to nepalese gatherings in america  these days.. no, i am not turning into an american, no i am not having a reverse cultural  shock… it’s just the fact that i am too damn proud that i am a nepali and these gatherings take away my pride. so what’s the issue you may ask…

The first thing people Ask in these gatherings is whether you have a green card or not?  lol..talk about nepali biasness.. when you say you don’t have one..you are not considered equal to them . oh What a biased attitude.. The first time i experienced it..i thought it was an exception … then when the pattern repeated itself again and again.. i  knew it had something to do with Nepalese concept of showing : “self importance”….. now i hate even the idea of going to parties organised by Nepalese .  The issue of green card has become such an important question ,you get asked about it from every person that you encounter in such a gathering.I was wondering if i came to a wrong party..

did the inviatation say  ” Green card Holder only”?

After a while i realised  there were just two groups of people around there , one ,who were the proud green card holders, the majestic ones..who wanted everyone to know they were special and important  and the other- who wished they belonged to the above class. It didn’t even matter that the latter ones were more educated, more respectful and had better jobs than the above ones.It didn’t even helped the fact that they drank alchohol far less and could control themselves when drunk ..I don’t drink and i don’t have a green card… so i guess this will be my last nepalese gatherings..

A nd it’s not even the drinks and the green card  that makes me consider this decision, It’s the dam pride that i have as a nepali…. however bad it looks to the eyes of a foreighner , Nepal‘s my country … and even though it has loadshedding (no electricity) for 14 hrs a day in some months of year, even though maoist are ruling the country … i donot think it’s unlivable and politically that unstable that you have to file for asylum here in usa. As In the above case every green card holder that i met above got theirs from filing Asylum..and that just broke my pride.

Nepal is not politically as bad as it was during the maoist revolution, there is no ongoing war …and people don’t have to potray it in worst light than it really is. I am not anti immigration, i am not against nepalese getting greencards… i will probably apply for it in few years via my employer…it’s just the ” unnatural”  way people are getting it throbs my head.  i give you this couple who i met in the gathering  as an example…

A  couple close to my age ,began talking to me.. i inquired about  their home and families, schooling  back in in Nepal, and they inquired about mine. when the conversation lenghtened and the closeness developed they told me if i could find them some work  as they recently got their greencard and could work legally now.I congratulated them ..and they  proudly told me they filed an asylum and then  got their  greencard…. they inquired if i had one..and when i said no..they told me to follow their path and file on the basis of asylum. What the heck??? They even told me if i ever need a good story writer , i should contact them… story?????  and what the heck is a story????

As i later came to know “story ”  is something that makes the immigration officer feel –you are  being prosecuted in your country and you are not safe .Their stories must be strong i thought, because  before they told me about their asylum story, they had told me they were from kathmandu, had parents who were in high government post and earning well, with 2 houses in the city and self funded american and indian education… and yet they filed for asylum… they were wealty enough for nepal and they had no political affiliations whatsoever … yet they sold their so called ” story” of being affiliated to a political party and being targeted by a ” maoist”  government.  They sure had some convincing power.

This incident had my head throbbing.I am not against asylum..i am not against greencard…but I definitely am against fake asylees. why not give asylum to those who  really deserve it  . As  more and more nepalese are filing for asylum here , american embassy  back in nepal is being more strict to giving visitor visa. parent’s dont get visa to come to their children’s graduation these days..because there is a suspision that once they are here they too will file for an asylum.

These Asylum seekers are making up stories that are fake and the real deserving ones are being questioned harder.The negative image of Nepal and it’s people are spreading. It Just hurts my dam pride.

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