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so today is February 29th , i almost forgot, This year it’s a leap year .Weather’s been crazy for the last few days.I have been home stuck for two days in a row now, High gusts of winds, freezing icy rain and blizzard like conditions prevail here .It dawned on me that i might take a moment and reflect a few things this morning , cause this date ( as in feb 29th) will arrive only after 4 years from today, and who knows what  i will  be doing in another  4 years…who knows if this blog still will be around then  🙂

so what’s on my mind this morning…..

Nothing much…  primary elections for republican presidenitial candidate nomination  are going on . I never am  much involved in politics , but for the past few months, whenever i turn the TV on …it’s the only thing they are talking about … so i picked up  a few lines . what baffles me is the thought that republicans are more conservative than i thought… i wont comment about democrats because i don’t know about their party  policy much till now.

so , about republicans… i find their policy strange. They say no no, on contraception and no on abortion at any cost , which is what i believe is the ultimate choice that should be given to a women. women are the sole judge of what they should or should not do with their life and their reproductive health …They should be able to judge their situation and be able to decide for themselves and their families.I thought US would be more progressive… but on that note south east asia is more flexible.

The other thing that baffles me is the republican tax policy. why does america not  have a fixed flat rate of tax for everybody ? why does  middle class has higher tax burden than the millionaires ?

And if i am not into christianity….. according to republicans — i am performing sin and  will have to repent , otherwise land in hell ? 🙂 . Republicans baffle me …. who has eight kids these days…except for them. And who condemns policy that asks young people to think about college more , justifying college is where people loose their religion. what a policy ???

I am glad … i can’t vote …. i would have a hard time trying 🙂