Nepal is  a  strange country nowadays. when everyother country is developing at a faster pace every midnight, we are destroying what we even have.What caught my attention this week was the fact that there was a bomb blast in capital yesterday , killing 3 people and injuring many. Bomb Blast as such,  are rare in nepal … only one previous incident few years ago , killing many students. Nonetheless , every one of these is condemable. I was more shocked when i heared that some underground group took the responsibility for the blast and said it was done to protest for recent oil price hike in the capital.

How can you kill people and justify you did it for the right reason ? Is life so cheap , and oil so precious ? How can someone have such a barbaric mentality.

Nepalese have a weired way of protesting. Instead of coming to terms via talk and compromise , they call for “Bandhs” — where everything is closed — schools,office,transport, shops everything. Life is so full of Bands in Nepal… when i first came to US , i was amazed that there wouldn’t be any ” Bandhs” out here  anyday. Guess… that is what’s called — you think about others as you are. what’s even weired is the fact that the solution  for the problem for which the ‘Bandh” was done ,doesnot even arrive after doing it.

I suppose it has become Nepalese favourite pass time hobby . When you get bored or have nothing to do– just call for a “Nepal Bandh”. Now do you progress to killing  people when you feel like protesting ?. I can’t justify the actions they took. when will Nepalese wake up and stop all these weired acts…?