Mild midwest winter

February is almost ending. This Month i was blogging less  but  reading actively. when you have such a large circle of blogger friends who come up with amazing topics everyday ,you  get to read such interesting things. WordPress nearly ended my facebook addiction.. , now whenever i feel like logging to facebook  i come to wordpress and read some interesting blogs… life is going goood 🙂

This month.. i studied in the libraries mostly , at least i am back in studying track , that feels good.

One thought provoking incident happened this month..I have a close friend , who i talk to  on the phone  like almost everyday. she is in US just like me, we used to work in the same place back in nepal, and  were  very close.’ I recently found out that she is pregnant and her due date is almost next month…. whoa… ?? when she told me , i was like what??? you talk to me about everything ,everyday and you didnt feel like sharing that important life  turning incident till now?. i felt a series of emotions ride through me almost after hearing the news, happiness,  sense of betrayal, sense of anger. I don’t know what i felt like but that was intense. what irk me more was when she said – she told me this news because her husband thought – i would get angry if i found out about the news later, and since we are so close and share everything and talk everyday , she should tell me . what the heck ?????? . she promised me not to get angry for withholding the news , and i did. I am truly happy for her , but i can’t shrug off this feeling of betryal or something. we still talk every alternate day, but now when i talk with her , i just talk about general stuffs and Don’t tell her everything.  And being busy with studies and all , i haven’t given this incident much thought, but it still irks me sometimes . I wonder if i was in nepal , and was surrounded by more friends, would this incident affect me the same way as it did this time ? .. .. well my husband tells me i am an emotional fool , i even cried when one of my friends broke up … so may be this is just me 🙂

To happier news now —- this year winter in midwest was not bad. I don’t have piles of snow everywhere i go, and the temperatures are not that bad…. so am enjoying it immensely. People are just so friendly out here …so am lucky that i relocated.