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If you have read any of my blogs..by now i hope you  have realised that i am a bit weird , if that well known fact surpassed you  somehow..i am gently reminding you all again… i am really weired 🙂 , and everything connected to me has some form of funny weirdness attached to them. 🙂




so among many weird facts is the fact that i have to celebrate  someone else’s birthday as mine each year.

Lets give you the story straight— I was born on a certain saturday of some year, i have a birth certificate that verifies my claim, and of course my mother remembers my birth too well. Who wouldn’t when you give birth to a premature baby girl with low birth weight, who had to be kept  in an incubator and syringe fed with milk for about 20 days !!!! …on that matter…all my relatives remind me of how small i was and how suspicious they all were of my survival..but due to the god’s grace i survived .And by god ,am so glad i did…otherwise who would be writing a rant on this topic huh??? 🙂

well, i loose track so easily… so where was i ..? oh ok.. so i grew up with knowing my original birthday ..went to school with the same ..then somehow in a certain year it all changed. It was on 10th standard as i remember, we were filling up a form for our class 10th board exams (The SLC —- as they call them), i remember leaving the birth date vacant as  the supervisor told because he wanted us to use what the school officialy had  as our birth certificate.I never thought twice, and did as he told us. so after the SLC  and all ,when the marksheet and all came i was surprised that my birthdate was wrong , entire month, day and even the year was wrong. Initial few days passed as i notified my mother and uncles.All were amazed .. then i was so busy looking for colleges and all, i forgot all about it.. When i enrolled in the college of my choice, i went back to my school and notified that my birthday was wrong. They told me they can’t rectify the mistake and i have to go to education ministry. They didnot give me any specific idea whom to go to..i tried in vain for a few months..but couldnot rectify it. If you have  ever lived in Nepalese education and governmental system you know…it’s nerve wrecking to get things done in  a government office and i was a mere 15 year old  then…and i knew nobody…i didn’t know how to rectify the mistake.

I grew up in a family where my dad was not much around and mother was too busy earning and keeping up a head over our roof..she was concerned over the mistake on the certificate  but not concerned over to go on days over the government office to rectify it. All in all i got nothing done by myself.

My higher secondary  school (+2)  started…. and ended… and i landed a +2  diploma with the modified birth date. By then ..i tried again… This time they told me i should  have rectified the mistake within 2 months of issuance of my class 10th certificate and it was too late. so i gave up… there was nothing much i could do.

I joined a college of my choice, graduated and even worked in a government job with the mistaken birthdate , as is the policy, that you need to have same birthdate in all your documents. so the mistaken birthdate became my original one and my original birthdate was lost somehere within myself.

When i was applying for a passport, i needed to put in  the birthdate …and everybody  who is anybody told me — you need your birthdates to sync in all the documents …so the mistaken date was in it again…and as years of memorisation  has done its share, the mistaken one comes out easily to me… i have to strain for the original one.

so as i have a series of diplomas acquired along as i age… i sometimes wonder if i would be able to correct birthdates in all of them…  or should i just leave all the hassle and “Let it be.” It still hurts the nerve ,sometimes when office staffs throw a surprise birthday party  in a day when it’s not my birthday. 🙂

so now you know… i celebrate two birthdays each year…. one is ofcourse original… private and all close friends and family know it. The other.. well …  let’s just say Don’t  throw a surprise birthday party at me… the effects could be … Funny. 🙂