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well, 2011 passed so swiftly for me….

There’s a saying – ” when hard time falls—- it lingers” , when you are happy “time flies”. 2011 certainly flew by. I can’t boast of any personal growth, can’t boast of any new changes except for relocating to a new place, can;t even boast that i have conquered my social awkardness., can’t boast of letting go of my short temper.. so what did i learn then in 2011??

I learnt driving….. that much is sure, have a driver’s  license to prove it. Learnt that you need to be stronger for yourself for others to consider you strong. Started this blog on a whim.., learnt years will pass you by whether you so something productive or not….. went on a lot of road trip with my hubby, had alot of fights,…. lots of romance.missed kathmandu a lot… Didn’t concentarte on studies much.Lost a lot of time thinking what people think about me … 🙂 ( weired , i know) , made a lot of routines but never followed any ( that’s typical me )…

what i hope to do differently this year :

1. Be more stronger, intuative person.

2. Study hard…and clear up all my exams.

3. Learn American Accent… ehhh??  🙂

4. Infuse a bit of romance in Hubby’s vein ? ( lol… if he ever reads it… i wonder what he will do ..)

5. Be a bit less socially awkward.

6. and yup…. will start dusting off that Dslr and will post pictures soon 🙂