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so… instead of studying for my exams.. i am out here again in my blog, writing about random nothingness . Why is doing everything else so easy and studying so harder…lol…. Anyways.

I am wondering about american accent this evening.

O, America......

I have been here for more than 2 years , still i have problems telling people my name… , my p sounds like B to them and my H ..sounds like ..i don’t know what.. 🙂 every time i have to spell my  name in a phone conversation to an automated machine, i pull my hairs.To tell you the history… we were educated in  english back in Nepal, following the British Pronunciation……. so, what’s the problem you may ask.. i said the pronunciation  for english was british, not the teachers …lol, at best we got Indian teachers or Nepalese themselves , who were taught in turn by teachers like themselves. so when i pronounce my words.. i guess they are mixed of indian-nepali-british accent … which in itself is amazing, i agree … but hard for others to understand. so ..i have to repeat in again and again to the automated machine.

And one thing else—- why do people here… swallow their words, feels to me as if they have a Gum in their mouth and they are speaking while they are trying to chew it… , and why do letters in the last or sometimes in the middle do not get pronounced at all… american english is funny, 🙂 and why the hell …  T in the middle of the word sounds like  a D to me… O, AMERICA….

so i am trying to learn this american accent… and there is a kid who lives next door to me..who is kinda my teacher.. every time i converse with him.. he looks strangely to me, wrinkles his forehead , listens to my words and corrects them.. , it  doesn’t last more than 5 minutes …, tired of correcting , he usually leaves though … haha .. make me wonder how long will it take me to practise and speak American english   🙂

Have similar stories to share? any shortcut to speaking american english faster ? . How did you guys deal with accent of a different country..do share….  🙂