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I confess.. I have heard this song before, i liked it and in a few months , I forgot all about it. … what brings me to it again ? you might ask…   well , that’s the story I am going to write 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong… I respect all religion. Being born in Nepal , where hinduism and buddhism are so interconnected..you can’t draw a fine line between them, has something to do with it I presume. I believe- there is someone out there protecting all of us. Having said that … I don’t believe at all in religious autocracy and shoving your religion down my throat .kinda attitude. 🙂 .  So ..I was on a train this weekend (as I usually am on weekends)… and there came  a lady with Bible in her  Hand . she sat next to me and smiled… so being the polite , introverted me ..I smiled and said hello.. What followed next is so humorous and absurd that I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry about it.

so ..she sat next to me and began talking… the conversation was ok..not too personal , not too detailed…until she asked if i was a christian ? To which i said no… i am a “hindu”.Then she started detailing me that there is only one god and that is jesus , the saviour… and all the rest are ” basically fabricated” and have no strong hold… she was trying to convert me there and then to  “christianity” and “purify my soul “.  I have nothing against christianity… but why would i convert ?   so I sat there ..basically being amazed and said nothing… to which she started shouting and telling me that I was a mindless fool for not believing her. The talking was so loud ,it started gathering people’s attention… and the “introvert” in me was getting scared of all those attention.I looked here and there.. she was still talking to me loudly …describing miracles of jesus…. I politely said..I am happy as i am and don’t wish to convert and got down frantically  on the next station. I realised later that i might have met a religious fanatic… and the conversation might have turned rather lively, if i had been extrovert and began discussing about hundreds of  god in hindu mythology. 🙂

something else happened this week…… .

I basically avoid post that details indian and Nepalese rivalry.. 🙂 .I realise it’s there, It’s always been there…but our cultures and traditions and food are so similar… it  feels almost the same.  One thing is true about Nepalese…They are down to earth and polite and helpful.. and smiley .. but two things..i assure you will bring the hot bloodedness instantly. Talks about “Indian Influence” and Talks about ” Buddha‘s Birthplace”.

Location of Lumbini, Nepal.

Lumbini and it's location.

The place  where i live now… doesn’t have many Nepalese family… so i get invited to a lot of indian gatherings, Poojas ,and festivities.The culture and deities and other things are so similar…they think i am like them . I usually participate..and thank them for that..cause it feels like being back home , feels a sense of familiarity… until someone in crowd  suddenly remembers that i am from ” Nepal” ………

I don’t know about all indians but most that i have met… show  this attitude of supremacy..as soon as they realise i am a Nepalese.. Oh.. Nepali ehh  ?? .. Their eyes twinkle… the end of their lips turn upwards.. strange glow in their face.. oh how i dread this moment… oh how i wish, i could avoid this in every indian party i go… Then begins a lengthy conversation about Nepali politics and economy and how everything is Governed by india , conversation..or should i say one-sided conversation about ( since i am hardly speaking..haha) how india is sustaining Nepal’s Government, economy, and education . I know , Nepal is poor.. , I know the political system is downright disgusting, I know the economy is barely sustaining… i know being the friendly neighbour India is contributing to a lot… so i listen .. and smile…and listen again.. 🙂  , … had my country been more developed, more self-sustained, more economically and politically correct i would have stood  there and shouted back.. i would have fought aggressively …but i realise .. half of what they say is true… other half…well its their own fabrication . They act as if they know Nepal better than me…. sigh…

so the one-sided conversation usually follows or ends..i must say with “Buddhism“… and how hinduism and buddhism were born in india..and how all Nepalese gods were born in india…. By this time i am usually looking for an escape route from the conversation .. cause i know..everytime we have this conversation — my blood boils. I realise Nepalese and indians share same deities, same religion for most part… some traditions differ but it’s basically the same.I also realise Buddha Became “Buddha ” ( after gaining supreme knowledge) in bodhgaya in india….. but what does not go down my throat ..is ..when they start telling me how Buddha was born in india… and then… the conversation turns two-sided..( me actively arguing Buddha was born in Nepal).

I also realise that at the time of Buddha’s birth.., there was no single country called india or Nepal  There were small separate kingdoms ruled by different kings.Later on when british conquered  these small kingdoms on indian side ” India” was born. Nepal as such was never ruled by British… was existing as a single country  before the British came to india. And Buddha according to UNESCO Was born in Lumbini of Nepal.. which was never a part of “india”.so i reason— how can he be born in india when evidence directs that he was born in  a place which lies inside Nepal.Yes he was born in Indian subcontinent, yes he became ” Buddha” from india… But the place he was born( or presumed to be born) … unless other evidence surfaces, lies in present day Nepal.. so how can he be born in india..? Their  Reasoning amazes me.. my reasoning amazes them.. so the conversation turns awkward..usually.

The next time , i meet them.. we usually smile and let go of the ” buddha’s conversation” until someone else realises i am from Nepal  and the same conversation continues… 🙂