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I totally agree –  it’s a holly jolly christmas, it’s the best time of the world , but if you are like me ( I am a hindu ) …what do you do when you don’t do christmas? what do you do when the whole world around you is singing christmas carol and celebrating.  what do you do on christmas day ?

Here’s my  preliminary ” To do list” for this year’s christmas day , and of-course  as always  it’s not in any particular order. 🙂 , feel free to suggest anything exciting that comes to your mind while reading this .

1. Pretend that you do christmas:

haha… i love lights , color and snow..  i already have a snowman built in my outer porch and Led lights in my balcony . when people ask me what are my plans for christmas – i don’t tell them – we don’t celebrate it, i tell them  we (me and hubby ) will be having  a quite dinner at our place . I send gifts to friends , and send holiday cards to friends and aquiantances. I just go with the christmas spirit.

2. Play games on Xbox 360 –

This is our favourite  hangout these days.. will have to checkout better games though.. Fable III is getting preety Boring 🙂

3. Make momos :

It’s been a while since we last ate momo, so instead of heading to a chinese restaurant for wonton… if hubby agrees to help 🙂  will probably be making momos.

4. Go watch a movie :

I heared ” Tintin” has landed in america … being an eager  comic  book fan ,i would love to go watch Tintin and snowy in Big screen

5.  Go Downtown and watch the lights :

while everyone is at home and eating dinner… would love to  go out and watch all the amazing window displays at macys and enjoy a colorful  romantic  evening outside.

6. Call home –

whether it’s christmas or not.. Home is always home. will proabably skype mum and have a long chat with her and my brother.

Merry christmas everyone …