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…or may be the title should read ” health insurance is a total rip off” 🙂



I know this topic is controversial.. I fully expect to get a few threatening  emails  my way.. 🙂 when I am done writing it..but what the heck…somebody needs to write about it.

So tell me again..why am I paying for health insurance? Every month they take out a certain amount of money from your payroll.call it dental ,call it vision and call it medical insurance.Everymonth I am assured my health insurance is there ,if anything happens. And….when something finally happens….whoa… What do I get?… Next to nada.  And what excuses do I get…your deductibles are not met, procedures are covered but the antibiotics are not, operation is covered but anesthesia is not.hospital charge is covered but ecg and echo reading is not…. Oh boy..what a mess we create. I get more discounts on buying prescription drugs not using my insurance than using it…. So this all brings me back to the same question… Why am I paying for health insurance, again??

I agree ..i may be biased… Coming from a system that has no knowledge of health insurance..coming from a system where health care… is your own out of pocket expense..but still why am I so dissatisfied with the  whole health insurance system in US?

The same illness is coded and billed differently. The same medical procedures have different billing code, the same prescription my doctor writes can be rewritten so my insurance covers…but still my out of pocket cost is way above…considering I am paying a certain amount everymonth whether I feel sick or not. Why is it that..when i am healthy noone returns my money and when I am ill…that money is never enough…

Why is there so much discripancy in the price of same medicine from one shop to another… Why is mail order prescription more cheaper..? Makes no sense giving me three months medicine at a cheaper rate when I dam don;t need if for more than five days..

Oh…what a wonderful wave we weave… Am I to know every generic that my insurance covers by heart..am I to know every billing code and procedure it covers…am I to know..upto what procedures my insurance covers and what I would be paying if I have to undergo an operation..???

And who tells me about the hidden costs.. Whoa…. They better send me to a pharmacy school.

Note here, I am relatively healthy, do go to visit physician twice a year. Pay my insurance premium monthly….so why is that when I need something once in a while …i am not covered… Why is that..i end up paying my monthly premiums plus my own out of pocket expenses for most of the procedures and the prescription drug. Where is all my insurance money when I need it?…

The cost of living in a country whose currency is powerful is… I realise… paying more for the same generic and same procedure but calling it a secure and healthy health insurance system .