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wow… an award for blogging .. !!!!!  If i had known earlier… i would have started blogging sooner. ….Jokes apart… Thanks “Nepaliaustralian ” for giving me the award.  I don’t think i deserve it yet..but nevertheless i thank you for remembering me. . I have met a lot of  wonderful blogger in these three months since i started  blogging…i am learning so many new things everyday….this to me is an award itself. 🙂

German background… ehhhh?? 🙂

Just wanted to let you guys know..my knowledge of GERMAN.. lasts for  two words ..   “Die polizei” ….it’s not even two words  if you consider – it means a single word in english. LOL..  I Remember an old german language book  back at my home in nepal ( my mother’s i guess.. when she was trying to learn the language) .. my little childhood curiosity for it ,lasted for a few days back in the childhood ..and the only words i remember anything  from it in german is ” Die polizei” ….oh how..memory operates…!!!

Anyhow.. “Liebster ” as people have told me means  “Dearest ” in english.. and i am so humbled that people have found my nonsense ramblings “dear”.

Without writing the rules of the award again .. i am taking this opportunity to  nominate  a few of my fellow bloggers  for this  award ( who i truely believe deserve it more than me )   .

In no particular order , my favourite blogs are :

1.http://americanepali.wordpress.com/ ——–  this is the blog that made me curious about blogging.. every time i searched something in google about nepal , it was the first one to pop off…and i was curious… then i was hooked. It’s so interesting to read ” Non – nepalese” view on everyday Nepal.

2.  http://nepaliaustralian.wordpress.com/ ——– I love her  post.. they are so… how do i say it lively… whether it be the recipes blog or the sarees …i find them interesting nevertheless.

3.  http://theerailivedin.wordpress.com/  ————-  i came upon this accidentally and fell in love. The emotions are powerful..sad  but at the same time  emotionally powerful. I loved the concept of blog that has a message for future.

4.  http://carldagostino.wordpress.com/    ——————  i love it because..it always brings a smile to my face.

5. http:// nepalijiwan.wordpress.com/      ———–   hmm… this is the blog ..i read when i miss my home, my mum and kathmandu…  .feels as if i am there experiencing the things she is writing about.

P.S- To those who i missed.. it’s because i  have not  stumbled upon your blog. or if i did..i might have missed the most beautiful post. Anyone who writes has a view to share…and all writing is beautiful..so keep on blogging.