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Dearest grandma..

I miss you a lot sometimes.I miss  you even more during holidays,i miss that you made me feel special, I miss that holidays were extra special because of you and your cooking.I miss that your eyes would sparkle when we grandkids were around.I miss your sense of humor and generousity.I miss your love.All in all I miss the whole ” You”. It” s not that you are not here, it’s , just that you are not “you “anymore.

Someone else has captured your body, someone else who just looks like you has replace the real “you” now. . You don”t remember us anymore, you don’t care for us anymore. you have no memories of us now. You are so out of reach now..so alone and aloof in your own world.I so try to reach out..and you try so hard to shell back.where has all the memories gone? Where has all the love gone?
: (   Oh how I wish you could remember us all..oh how I wish you could come to your former self.oh how i wish you could tell jokes and laugh out loud… I so wish..nobody suffered from alzheimers.