Let me start this by making a confession first –

1). This is supposed to be an old post . I wanted to publish it earlier , when i got my driving license in states ,but it somehow went to my draft folder and stayed there forever …ok not exactly forever,  🙂

so what’s so great about getting a driver’s license , you may ask.. wait till you hear my story. 🙂

A slight bit of warning  though – To many of you who are/were  born and brought up in states this story will sound funny 🙂 .

I learned  driving in my mid twenties … it’s not because i was lazy or something,  it’s  because i didn’t need to. Back where i come from driving and owning a car comes as a luxury , and my family was not that luxourious to own a car.It doesn’t mean that my family was unable to afford so, it’s just that for everyday living in kathmandu, you don’t need it. My family belongs to a middle class status in present kathmandu , both my parents are professional job holders, we have a decent 3 story house in the heart of kathmandu , we just didn’t needed a car 🙂

….This  brings me to  the  realisation of how the social norms of the two countries i am talking about differ. Here owning a car is no big deal at all , you start having one when you are sixteen , there a car symbolises luxury. you save your hard earn penny for years to buy one probably in your late thirties , Here if you have a decent job you can get all the amneities of life so easily, there getting a  decent job is not enough to feed a family of three. ..

where was i? ..oh yes i remember…so i learned driving when i came to states , the first difference  i noted immediately was that the drivers seat was  located at the wrong end lol … for us coming from nepal.. driving seat is supposed to be on  the right .The next difference i noted was that most of the  car were   all automatic. No clutches ,no hard was all so easy  to operate 🙂 , the next observation was that they were driving on the wrong side of the road….i was so used to seeing car on the other side of the road.

The next and the biggest  amazement came from  the concept of highways… so many lanes and such a speed.. if you have ever been to nepal,you would probably understand , what i am rambling about …. for others i will try to express the best i can  – i come from a system that has a single road for all purposes —–  cars , trucks,motorcycles, bicycles, cows,dogs, street vendors  and pedestrians , no lanes, no signs, no stop signs, no traffic lights …. sounds gross enough ? wait till you hear it all….. they all share the same  road at the same time. 🙂   …. we have no concept of highways , highways  as in with multiple lanes and high speed. There you drive in a speed that lets you stop , if necessary to let  people cross around, let cows roam around , let dogs cross the street at their own speed , and what not.. so for me — this concept of unobstructed highway with single  lane just for my car  was simply awesome… where were all the cows and dogs and street vendors? lol. suddenly the roads were a lot quiter and bigger. 🙂

The next amazement came in the form of car insurance… Back home if you have a car.. and that is a big if.. you guard it with your life.. literally. you make a huge garage , you make sure it has a thief proof lock , you add extra security and lock it up at nights… That’s because there is no system of car insurance ..if the car is gone..then it’s gone.. you are solely responsible for the loss.Here you just park the car in streets .. come rain or snow.. and leave it there . oh what a contrast..

…so as i was saying, i learnt driving over here, cause it’s a necessity out here. Got damm excited about the driving license when i got one… so ” the excited blog title… i suppose ..haha”  the driving test was easy though…

P.s – can drive now easily ..except in highways where the minimum limit is above 50.