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Forgive my absence in the blog world for the past few days.. i was busy with random nothingness and studies, and  let me assure you all.. my  ”Arranged marriage” had  absolutely nothing to do with my  long absence   :)

so where was i ? … oh yes, we had the story till the bride to be and the groom to be met and the wedding  date was  fixed.   so let the story proceed… ( i might  take the liberty to add some quirky music in the background… 🙂  )

So the marriage is fixed.. there is happiness all around.. Except in the bride’s and the groom’s face.. these poor souls don’t even realise what’s going on around them any longer…They will look as if a thunderstorm has suddenly struck them. All things happen at a faster pace now ..there is a  gathering of older  women  in a corner with colorful sarees and weired expressions  and  men  in another corner  with even stranger vibes..in the remaining space of the house  children are playing around ..oblivious to the situation. All In all the house and the environment is charged with energy, vibrancy and  urgency.

I don’t know about other arranged marriage situations but according to the nepalese  tradition  once the decision  of marriage is made.. there is a  ceremony called swayambar..(engagement ceremony.. in plain english) where the bride and groom exchange rings  and basically fix the date of the marriage. What follows next .. is a  lot of shopping..  a lot of cooking, and a lot of gathering of people  and the bride and groom…?  lost somewhere in between … in their own world of unknown ..unseen ..unimagined ..future dreams of so called ” marriage”.  I won’t go into details of the traditional decorations..emotional details.. and the food around the marriage. Then finally ” the marriage “…..  I will mainly concentrate on the emotional aspects of these two  souls after the  ” marriage” and the complexities of the unknown that arises then after. The complexities of being married not only to  a person  but to a whole family . 🙂