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Marriage –

Unless you are married, you wouldn’t know the full meaning of the word. The new responsibilities, the new complex emotions, the new bonding , And along comes attached is the husband’s /wife’s  family as a consolation prize along with your  main prize ” The marriage”.

My view is traditionally  reserved  for : ” the arranged marriage”.. the facts might differ for love marriages and as such.

So let’s dissect an arranged  marriage.. ..shall we…we need a man  and a woman  … stop it right there fellas.. we are talking about a traditional arranged  marriage , so the man and the woman  don’t  come first ,,,  so lets rewrite the story . we need a family  ,who has a son of marriageable age looking for a family,  with a marriageable daughter . The daughter of course need to be very preety and know how to cook :) , .. remember all those ” fairness cream ” advertisement who target parents and women of marriageable age..it’s not imaginary,it’s based on the deep subconsiousness of the traditional marriage . And the guy you may ask– nothing spectacular is required of him  except that he must be  a male…. Talk about a gender bias !!!!

Note it’s not the girl and the boy and the falling in love kinda story..it’s a bit interesting than that,  so let’s continue..so the corresponding family find each other… like each other and then the families see the groom to be and the bride to be..and make their impression. Note again – individual families opinion do matter….let  the story progress… both family  like each other,find each other equal in status  or whatever the criteria is there to assess ,then  the next step begins.. The guy and the girl meet. usually there is a third person present for the meeting but lets forget about that one. .so the guy and the girl meet.. note here – they have no previous knowledge of each other,haven’t ever seen each other in person (might have  had a glance of their photographs just before coming to the meeting) , they are meeting for the first time. so they talk this and that.. weather and food , music and tv channels and whatever  they can talk about  without getting too personal and the meeting ends.I won’t go into what food and drinks they ordered for the meeting because that will get more complicated..and you guys will start losing the sight of the story.

Then,  they go back  home…with their  respective opinions about each other  …. and the next step begins. :) .The families start assessing each other seriously now… afterall it’s ” for the marriage” right?. so as i was saying they arrive at a preliminary conclusion whether it is a prospective match or they should continue their search in another direction.let’s say all thing fall in places,  the families like each other …then they will ask the  supposed to be bride and supposed to be groom’s opinion. Note here again- unless the boy objects violently and unless the girl runs away from her home at this point the marriage is bound to happen. It’s written in the stars , as they say or rather they should change it to –  ”it’s written in the  families opinion ”

To be continued…………….