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Nepalese are the strangest People  in the whole wide  world… you may differ with me, argue with me ,but i can still prove the point .                                                     🙂

                  About  Momos

For those of you  who don’t know what ” Momo” is… its  simply a  closed  steamed or fried “tortilla”  with your choice of ground chicken or lamb or vegetables inside it. Chinese call it  ” wonton” ,  ” dumpling” or ” pot-stickers” ,we nepalese call it ” Momo” . It’s an unofficial Nepalese national food ,i call it unofficial because there might be something that ‘s classified as ” nepalese national food” and they simply forgot to teach that to us in school… 🙂  who knows..i may be sued in modern nepal  for classifying something as a national food when it is not  ..:)   anyways…No-where else in the world would you get a full blown  animated conversation, argument, even a heated fighting battle out of these simple flour and meat item …except in Nepal. If you meet a nepali.. and in the heaven’s name can’t think  of anything to talk — start talking about ” momos” . I would bet you a hundred dollars you will get a very lively conversation out of them in a second. That’s the power of  “momo”  . “Momos” brings out Nationality  in Nepalese …strange huh,,??? you would never meet a group of more enthusiastic people than nepalese  having their Plate of “Momo”

                  About Amplifying  

The other  thing i find strangest is that Every Nepali that you meet – ” at least in nepal … with a nepalese setting” will try to prove that they know the fact better than you.It can be anything..they will try to put at least verbally that they can do it better than you .”it might be never true, who knows…but still . You tell them that you heared about a thing… and oh boy…what a version they tell you back.. 🙂

                About chiya -a cup of tea

The  strangest thing is about “the concept of eating”. Nepalese associate food with hospitality. The more you eat at someone’s house the more happier he/she is. “Chiya khane”?? ..would you take a cup of tea? …is the first question that you would be asked if you went to someone’s house right when you are entering their front gate. I have heared amusing stories of Nepalese hospitality and their effect  on the Foreigners.. but will save it for another day. who knows i might run out of ideas to post on this  blog some day and that story might save the day 🙂

And the conclusion:  

why am i writing all this…?? cause i am having a  cup of tea and a plate of  momo  for dinner  and trying to put more pieces of  those “momo”  in my friend’s plate  than mine  as a  show of hospitality while arguing that the ” momo” achar that she made can’t be better than my Mum’s receipe … strange huh.???  You Bet … 🙂