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                   It always amazes me …how  two places so far apart ,as in two different continents have the same  september – october feel.I am talking about here in states and in kathmandu.The morning mist , the foggy feel, the crisp morning air..it feels like Dashain has arrived with all its flavours. People laugh when i tell them i can smell “dashain” in the air here in states 🙂

                  This year my dashain will be a bit different,no Tika,no jamara..no families and relatives around.I think i will have to satisfy myself with the morning flavours of cool crisp air and  facebook photos of my families enjoying the Tika..

                  As a Kid dashain meant holidays..no studies..lots of money “given by relatives after putting the sacred tika on the forehead”,as a teenager it meant “a time to hang out with your cousins”, as a college student it meant ” exams  right after the dashain”, as a married women it suddenly came as a ” Big Surprise” last year and this year dashain feels like  ” missing everyone back home”  .I  realised suddenly , when you are out of your comfort zone , you begin to see things more clearly. when i was in Nepal..dashain was just a Dashain..it came every year…when i am outside of it  i realise how close it brought together  families , culture and food   and how much it meant to me. Suddenly i am craving for Dashain this year, without family and friends it will be probably the strangest one ever ….I  Will listen to Nepali dashain tunes like this  Mangal Dhoon  a lot and watch family back home put Tika Via skype …. Thanks to  modern technology this will  probably be an e- dashain.

                 Wishing everyone a very “Happy Dashain 2011”